I am passionate about working for what my heart is dedicated to: raising awareness for the fact that human competencies and possibilities reach further than we can imagine. Among other things, it is about being aware of energies and making parts of the unconscious mechanisms conscious in order to use them actively to support one’s goals.

Throughout more than 25 years I have been testing tools and developing methods that can bring our unused potential into play. My knowledge is substantiated by my own experiences – it is about combining our feelings, mind, body and spirit – listening to the heart and following its path.

My qualifications are a unique combination of the scientific and the holistic area. In addition to this I have participated in more than 100 courses in personal development and visited Indian Masters in the course of 20 journeys to that country. The combination of these inputs and experiences form a whole which supports my commitment. My life is full of examples of how, by following new paths, I achieve results which others would call “unrealistic”. It has come about in flow.

One day something unintended happened: Turning a somersault with my car changed my life. Five years later I was awarded early retirement benefit.

Nowadays I do a little bit of everything – whatever I can manage. It comes to a few workshops and lectures in the outside world as well as writing activities which I can work with in my own time in my own home.

Flow Institute is still my company which at a work-related level forms the framework for my workshops and lectures on the labour market where today I create awareness of flow and support employees in achieving flow.

Heartfulness Institute is an organisation in which I occasionally hold Heartfulness Workshops and guide meditation on a voluntary basis. It is a great pleasure for me to pass on some of all the things I have received through the years and am still receiving. Heartfulness is available for all people all over the world – a spiritual path which is always free of charge for the participants.

Below is a list of my educational qualifications, publications of my books and other milestones in my life. The underlined texts function as links leading to my homepages and information on the subject concerned.


2017   –   Own publishing company: FlowLab
2016   –   Heartfulness instructor: via Heartfulness Institute
2013   –   Early retirement benefit: see more below

2009   –   Trauma therapist: the “Peak States” method
2008   –   Theta healer
2008   –   Car accident: see more below
2006   –   Own business: Flow Institute
2002   –  
Trauma therapist: Indian method “Flowering Tree”
1995   –   Conference leader: Landmark Education, London
1993   –   VPG
: Basic course in Adult Pedagogy
1991   –   Artist: Skolen for Visio­nær Kunst (School of Visionary Art)
1983   –   Engineer: The Danish Academy of Engineering, Electronics

Own books

In English:
2017   –   4th bookThe Spiritual Wisdom of India, Volume 1

In Danish:
2017   –   3rd book: Indiens spirituelle visdom, Nyt bind 1
2007   –   2nd bookFlow – Følg glæden og energien
2003   –   1st bookIndiens spirituelle visdom

Other milestones

2008 – Car accident:
An ”accident” changed my life. In retrospect, when I look at the consequences of that experience, I can only describe the episode and life after it as ”life-education”. It brought me into other levels of consciousness – my existence was changed for ever in a split second. The time after the accident has – if anything – taught me to how to tackle new depths in life in wishing to get it back …

2013 – Early retirement:
Being awarded early retirement benefit is probably the most difficult “education” I have had in my life. Being passionate about my goals, this was a direction that was completely alien to me – I had a burning wish to contribute to the world. It took all that I had in me and more before I was able to choose this eye of the needle and get through it. Life had sent me in a completely different direction where I no longer knew myself and no longer was mistress of my own house. Mind and health were challenged to the utmost – along the way I had to give up all my conceptions of myself and life.

Today, where everything is settling down, I can see that this new path has contributed unintentionally to even more experiences in the borderlands between what is normally called “reality” and everything else that is going on. I utterly understand that some war veterans seek out a life in the forest. No one can understand what is going on in a person who has been brought via a shock into other levels of the mind, and no one can bring order to the chaos. In nature I found solace and calm to be, for there is room for everything there. It took years and unimaginable effort to be able to stand up and walk – now with tiny steps in a very vulnerable condition …