I seek the essence in life …

Interest in developing the inner state towards the lightest and finest vibration – the divine state – can be designated as a spiritual path.

For many years I have been using meditation on my spiritual path. With the help of this tool you train your inner awareness. By moving focus from the outer world and instead keeping your awareness on your heart, you can achieve contact with your soul – the inner essence. In everyday life with many impressions, meditation gives me balance. The inner calm created by meditation follows along with life’s other challenges where to a greater extent I am able to preserve the feeling of balance.

Heartfulness is the gateway to the meditation method which for many years has given me invaluable benefits on my spiritual path. The special feature of Heartfulness is the transmission which contributes to creating light and lightness in every person’s heart – an option I have not met anywhere else.

Heartfulness helps me to attain finer inner states in a shorter time. I experience time and again that the transmission dissolves old impression and patterns – a gradual inner transformation which enables me to tread new paths and experience more dimensions of my existence.


More about Heartfulness:

Heartfulness is for everyone there are various options to choose between:

  • an easy and simple physical relaxation exercise
  • meditation on your own focusing on the heart
  • meditation receiving transmission

Heartfulness can be practised at whatever level suits the individual, and your practice can be gradually expanded according to your own wishes and needs.

The relaxation exercise is good for everyone – children also enjoy the solicitude which the exercise gives to body and soul. To meditate in Heartfulness you have to be at least 15 years of age.

All meditation and transmission in Heartfulness is free of charge. During all my years under the auspices of Heartfulness I have only met what I would call a true spiritual approach to the human being on the part of the Master.

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