I’m the possibility for realising the source and the power of everything

This vision calls to me at all levels – both personal and work-related. The goal for my private life is to attain this realisation. My work in the world is about focussing on resources to which the source and the power give access, but which many are unable to catch sight of.


How this vision came to me

This sentence came to me during a course in England where we were asked to see ourselves as a possibility in the world. The wonderful thing about offering oneself as a possibility is that it is given as an option which others can either accept or refuse.

Our possibility did not have to be about something we believe ourselves to be good at, but it had to be something that we are passionate about. We were told just to present ourselves as a possibility for something which in some way or another would open a “space” in the world where there would be room for this possibility – a space that in this way also became open and accessible for others. We were encouraged to let our intuition show the way to our possibility, after which we each had to state it with a sentence beginning with: “I’m the possibility …”. The dots were to be replaced with our personal possibility.

There were about 50 participants who went up on the stage one by one and declared themselves as various possibilities in the world. Many beautiful “spaces” were mentioned by name and thus established, for example the possibilities for “Joy”, “Love”, “Fun & games”, “Creativity”, “Wealth”, “Peace on Earth”. I felt that the world had already become a better place to be in, just by listening to these contributions. 

Meanwhile I sat perspiring on my chair – it felt as if my body was a pressure cooker. Although many of the others’ “spaces” made me feel happy, they did not quite hit the mark in relation to my possibility – I needed to include the spiritual aspect, but could not find the perspective and calm to rein my thoughts and feelings into words.

The next to last participant went up on stage and I was beginning to panic. It was my turn next and I didn’t know what to say. While the person before me was speaking on the stage, it felt as if I suddenly received a hard, physical blow to the back of my head. Together with the blow came a lot of tears and the words:

I’m the possibility for realising the source and the power of everything

In the years since then and also today, this possibility hits its mark in my heart. Even though I have not consciously trod my steps thinking about this possibility, all of my various activities have been about creating a space where it is permitted to look at all the things which cannot be measured and weighed – things that point in the direction of contacting the source and the power behind everything.

The essence of my possibility is the word “realising”. The words indicate that knowledge of the source and power behind everything should not only be based on thoughts and convictions. You are encouraged to experience the source and the power with every cell of your body in order to realise the truth. To achieve this is for me the same as attaining the spiritual goal – a goal which is not quite so simple to acheive …